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ICID journal papers, white papers, and data sheets

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A paper about the Siidtech ICID cell at the 2000 Solid State Circuits conference:

  • K. Lofstrom, W. Daasch, D. Taylor, "IC Identification Circuit using Device Mismatch", 2000 IEEE International Solid-State Circuits Conference Digest of Technical Papers Volume 43 - IEEE Cat. No. OOCH37056. (pdf - 59K) (postscript - 246K)

Using the ICID cell for yield improvement at LSI Logic :

  • K. Lofstrom, D. Castaneda, B. Graff, A. Cabbibo, "ICID - Tracing Individual Die from Wafer Test through End-Of-Life" 2004 International Mixed Signal Test Workshop. (pdf - 310K)

Not formally published, but a white paper available about SiidTech ICID:

  • "ICID: A Robust, Low Cost Integrated Circuit Identification Method" v0.9 March 19, 2007 Keith Lofstrom, SiidTech (pdf - 870K)

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